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We had reservations for 2 rooms at the Microtel San Antonio Pan Am Expressway, on Wednesday June 20, 2012. When making the reservations we requested a family friendly location very close to downtown San Antonio. We were told this location was ideally located and had been recently completely renovated.

When searching for the hotel we notice it was not a all close to the downtown area. Upon arriving at the hotel it was located in the very industrial side of San Antonio with a lot of trucking companies and strip clubs.

We were shocked at the location but we were tired and decided to go ahead and check in. We had 2 rooms, one for myself and my grandson and one for my wife, granddaughter and her friend.

We booked the rooms with one credit card but checked in with the credit card we decided to use to pay for our expenses.

Upon entering my room the bathrooms were filthy "old gas station filthy" and unsanitary with bugs in the room the faucets had not been cleaned in a very long time. My wifes room was the same, very filthy bug infested bathroom. Her room also had unusable broken furniture.

The hotel also had not been professionally renovated and was embarrassing horrible.

We immediately called the Wyndham customer care and requested a change of hotel and location. We were told they could try to help us but we would still be charged for the rooms at Microtel because the 72 hour prior to arrival cancellation period had expired. That in itself was wrong. We were also told by t Wyndham that they no control or responsibility for the actual condition of their hotels because they are all independently owned franchises and that it is left up to the local owner to resolve conflicts.

We noticed Tuesday morning June 27th, that only did Wyndham charge us for the rooms on Wednesday June 20th when we left the hotel, after we filed our complaint, Wyndham also charged our other credit card on Monday June 26, 2012 for the same rooms for the same time period of our supposed stay and because we complained about that, they are now saying we never contacted them on Wednesday 20th at the time of the problem and have erased all those records of communication even though my cell records prove otherwise.

They will only acknowledge my call on Friday June 22nd saying we complained two days later as an afterthought. That call was made to file a complaint that they actually charged my credit cards for rooms that were very unsanitary with broken furniture and therefore uninhabitable.

I have now been charged over $300.00 for rooms we never stayed in with at this time there no true recourse because they altered the phone records to imply that we are lying and therefore the credit card company will favor them.

What can we do?

Monetary Loss: $303.

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