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Our 2 employees went to Check in to the Hotel after a very very long day of work. Looking to rest the evening to get ready for another Long day on Wednesday...When they encountered DONNA, the front desk disaster POWER TRIP!!!

We paid for the Room up front thru and they are always nice, to deal with and have never had a problem with them!!!!

This is the 1st time in 3 years we have ran into a power tripping woman, with a Chip on her shoulder...She was a rude and a power trip...When we book the room we pay for it in advance...and then our employee will give the Business card, then this is when she said she needed authorization for holding the card for incidentials... Kinda other LARGE hotels do this and want you to jump thru hoops to scan drivers license and fax or scan authorization forms...SO BEEEEEWare OF DONNA, the Power Tripping broken English, POWER TO be Drama Queen!!!

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