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I had a reservation for the inn on 2150 Norcross Tucker Road, Norcross GA 30071. The manager was extremely rude when I entered.

He was on the phone and did not acknowledge when I pushed the button. I waited 5-10 minutes not sure after I asked if anybody was here (he stated I'm on the phone). When he emerged from the office he did not apologize for his decision to ignore me. He said hello and I gave him my id , I then asked if I could get a higher level if possible.

He said it would be smoking I said no I would prefer non-smoking, he said only ns he had was a suite I said is this a higher price yes he said. I said are you saying you have no ns he said I have that one for higher, I said fine just give me the room I book on any floor and I'll just leave a review of the room. He said no I don't want to rent to you because youre gonna leave a bad review. He put my id on the counter and left to go to the back.

I said ok will you cancel the reservation he said no your booked on booking have them do it. He preceded to ignore me and help other customers. I said excuse I can't just cancel and I've driven from Connecticut he said I will call the police if you don't leave. Then he said your are saying to much mam you want me to call the police!

I left and had to find somewhere else in the short period of time. I called Booking after recieving a cancellation letter from the property and forwarding it to them. Booking stated that they had to call the property, when Maria returned she stated the manager was very rude and that he hung up on here 4 times.

She was eventually able to cancel the reservation free of charge. I have attached the cancellation letter sent by the hotel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Microtel Inn Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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